Why Branding Matters in Real Estate

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aD2-wACbJqc The RE/MAX brand is instrumental to our team’s success. Here’s more information about the role it plays. See What Our Agents Have to Say   A question that comes up in our industry a lot is, “Does branding really matter?” I’m here today with my answer. If all real estate brands are created [...]

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Evolution is the solution for success

Nobody needs to tell you that working your way to the top in business isn’t easy. But as any successful person will tell you, maintaining your place at the top is far more challenging. Why? Because it’s easy to fall back on the notion that doing the things you did to become successful will perpetuate [...]

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A New Twist On “New and Improved”

If you’re a real estate agent in Northern Nevada, you’ve undoubtedly heard your home-buying clients say something to the effect of, “I really like this house, except for this…that…and the other thing that look old.” Such is life in a local economy like ours that’s growing by leaps and bounds after a decade of homebuilding [...]

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Leverage In The Luxury Home Market

Unlike the white-hot lower end of the home market, Northern Nevada’s luxury home segment presents a greater challenge for REALTORS – and greater opportunities for those with the resources to succeed in this lucrative area. Luxury homebuyers and sellers expect exceptional service from their real estate professional. Catering to these clients isn’t easy (or everyone [...]

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Sure, you’re working hard. But are you working smart?

Sustained success. That's what everyone in our business is striving for, isn't it? Most real estate agents can achieve some degree of success simply by working hard. But building a business that continues to grow over time — a business that's as rewarding as it is lucrative — involves something more. It requires working smart as [...]

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Reigniting Your Career – The Mastermind Way

A few weeks ago, I hopped on a plane and headed down to San Diego for Brian Buffini's Mastermind Summit. What I love about this event (this was my fifth year of attending) is that we put down all things real estate and go to work on ourselves for two days. During this time, I [...]

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Close More Transactions. Make More Money.

Analyzing what you pay your Broker each year is a prudent business practice. After all, the quality of your business reflects the quality of questions you’re asking about it. A lot of agents have told me they’ve never received a single lead after being with their company for years. Or their referral network isn’t large [...]

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Escalation Clauses

Yes the market has been heating up for the last few months and now we are starting to see the pendulum shift in many segments of the market to the seller’s favor. That’s right – multiple offers…they’re baaaack!!! One of the strategies we are starting to see re-emerge is the use of escalation clauses. I [...]

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Top 5 Strategies to generate new listings

Given that the supply of new real estate listings in Reno was down 24% from this time last year, I thought it might be helpful to answer a question I am asked by my agents almost daily. How can I get more listings? Your best source for business is from someone who already knows, likes [...]

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