Do you own your business? Or does your business own you?

Real estate agents are particularly susceptible to becoming victims of their own success. As your business builds momentum, there’s more and more work that needs to be done to feed the beast it’s becoming. And you have 24 hours a day to make it happen. Somehow. Some way.

Owned by your business.That’s no way to live. In fact, it’s the fast track to ruin in other parts of your life. If it feels like your business is nearly killing you, then you’re doing it wrong. Success brings with it a certain degree of stress – no question about it. But it doesn’t need to consume your life. If that’s the situation you’re in…then it’s time to shift your focus and think differently.

What’s the difference between someone grossing $40 million a year and someone grossing $4 million a year? What they choose to focus on. You didn’t get into real estate to create a job that owns you – you want to build an effective business that also affords you a great quality of life with balance and structure.

Focusing on THAT and answering the question “How do I get there from where I am now?” is the first step in transforming your business – and your life – in a way that might be hard to imagine now. Your success isn’t determined by how busy you are. It’s determined by your focus, and how you manage that focus.

Helping agents get super clear on what actions they need to take in order to take their business to that next level is my passion. I’ve spent the past 15 years learning from professional coaches on how to help agents re-center their focus and spend time where it results in the biggest returns. You CAN have it all, and I’m happy to help you learn how. Contact me if you’d like to learn more.

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