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Education and Training

The More You Learn, the More you Earn

RE/MAX University (RU) offers industry-leading education on demand.  Grow professionally by earning certifications and designations or engaging in Continuing Education.  Improve your skills and explore new avenues of business through video instruction and printable guides on negotiation, marketing, technology resources and much more!

When a little help in the how-to department is needed, RU is your go to site!  Technology can be overwhelming at times, but no worries! RU provides amazing, easy-read guides for all your RE/MAX tech needs at the click of a button. 


Agent Training On Demand

Listen to the industry’s top coaches, download resources and gather information day or night through our virtual campus.  Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new agent, the RU site is loaded with information to power you to the next level of success!


Peak Producers

Education is a cornerstone of our business building. Even our top producers can expect to generate 10 leads and close 3 extra transactions during this 12-week Peak Producers course.

Click here to learn more.

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