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Ever wonder what the best agents are doing to grow their businesses?

RE/MAX University’s Podcast Library

RE/MAX university’s Podcast Library lets you tap into the best ideas and best practices from RE/MAX agents all across the country. The links below offer a glimpse of the vast online resources that RE/MAX agents have access to 24/7.

RE/MAX University offers more than 75 different Podcasts and online classes from some of the best real estate trainers in the industry. It’s no wonder why RE/MAX agents out produce and out-earn their competitors.

RE/MAX Gold’s Juggernaut Podcast

The Juggernaut podcast was created to share the powerful “Juggernaut Mindset” with the real estate community and beyond. RE/MAX Gold is the largest RE/MAX in the world and we want to share this infectious outlook on life. This mindset is to become unstoppable! We can all learn to be unstoppable in our lives by learning, adapting, changing, and getting better. That is how anyone can truly become unstoppable and adopt the Juggernaut Mindset. Prepare to leave feeling inspired and finding new ways to grow and become unstoppable on your dreams and goals.

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