Making Miracles Happen With Children’s Miracle Network

Today I want to talk about how we help make miracles come true
and why that means so much to us at RE/MAX Realty Affiliates.

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Virtually every agent that I know chose this profession so that they can dramatically improve the lives of the people they serve. The gratifying feeling you get when you hand a first-time homebuyer the keys to their house is unparalleled.

One of the ways that we sustain that feeling over the course of the year is by becoming a Miracle Office. As a Miracle Office, our agents have chosen to donate a portion of every closed commission to the Children’s Miracle Network.

You may not know this, but here in Reno, Renown has a world-famous Children’s Hospital. Every dollar that our agents generate goes to Renown.

We took a tour of the facility and it really is incredible. Advances in technology and improved funding have allowed them to make their own miracles. For example, they have micro PICC lines for tiny infants, allowing them to save lives they wouldn’t have been able to five to 10 years ago.

August is RE/MAX’s Month of Miracles. It is one of several charitable activities that our agents work with to make our community amazing. In fact, we were recently recognized by Renown for being their top fundraiser in northern Nevada, and we are so proud of that.

As a Miracle Office, our agents have chosen

to donate a portion of every closed commission

to the Children’s Miracle Network.

The same passion that drives us professionally also helps drive us to charitably donate on behalf of our clients
. One of the things that we enjoy every year is the Great Reno Balloon Race. We offer tethered rides for our clients so they can enjoy the balloon while helping us raise money for Children’s Miracle Network.

As it happens, we were awarded by RE/MAX and CMN as the highest donating office in the state of Nevada last year. In fact, RRA has donated over $111,000 since opening in 2005.

At RE/MAX Realty Affiliates, you don’t work just for yourself or even by yourself. You are a part of a collective team of elite professionals who not only care about doing excellent work, but also about our community.

Named the brokerage of the year by RE/MAX Southwest Region as well as one of the best places to work in Reno for the past three years, we are proud of our award-winning culture and the people who help us do these things.

If you are looking for a culture that is not only about success but also about building an amazing, vibrant community, we should connect. Tell me about your current business and how we can impact the community for the greater good. Waiting for the right time doesn’t put you in a position to succeed, but rather taking action and making a determination that you are ready to take a step forward in business and help elevate your community.

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