Strategies for Success: How Do You Begin Each Day?

Here are five strategies to help you start your day well.

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Do you have a morning routine that gets you started on the right foot? Or do you start off with emails and Facebook and hit the ground running? If you’re doing the latter, you’re like a lot of other people, so no one should feel bad about that. But if you’d like to see something change in your life and your business, you might consider how to implement your ultimate morning routine.

Here are some components of an ultimate morning routine you should consider. Feel free to modify or eliminate any parts that don’t excite you. Remember that the goal of your ultimate morning routine is to get you excited and motivated to start a successful day:

1. Meditation: This doesn’t have to be the grueling meditation that takes a long time to learn. Really, your focus should be on simply clearing your mind and recentering your attention inward instead of rushing outward as soon as you wake.

2. Affirmation or gratitude: Affirmation is a process in which you describe your goals, but you express them as if they’ve already happened. If affirmation doesn’t appeal to you, you might try gratitude. Either verbally or in writing, acknowledge five things you’re grateful for each morning. You’ll be amazed at how re-centered you’ll be for the rest of your day.

Whether you take a Pilates class or just take your dog

for a walk, your morning exercise should speak to you.


3. Exercise: It’s always hard to fit this in with a busy schedule, but starting your day with a bit of movement will clear your mind and help ready you for the day. Whether you take a Pilates class or just take your dog for a walk, your morning exercise should speak to you. This is not about grinding; it’s about moving your body in a way that helps you get ready for the day.

4. Read: You don’t have to read for an hour each day; five minutes will do it. Start off with books about improving your professionalism or skill sets. These kinds of books may become tedious, so don’t push it. Five to ten minutes every morning will enhance your knowledge and help you center yourself.

5. Journaling: Keeping a journal will help you gain clarity and see your personal growth and progress over the course of your year. When you journal, you’re taking the time to write out your thoughts and your goals. When you look back through your journal, you will be amazed at the amount of progress you will have documented, and it’s incredibly gratifying to see in writing.

The ultimate morning routine is just one of the hundreds of strategies for success I share with our RE/MAX affiliates’ agents to help them be the highest producing agents in northern Nevada. If you’d like to learn more about strategies like this, or your curious how these strategies could play a part in restructuring your business, give me a call or send me an email today. I look forward to hearing from you.

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