Sure, you’re working hard. But are you working smart?

Sustained success. That’s what everyone in our business is striving for, isn’t it? Most real estate agents can achieve some degree of success simply by working hard. But building a business that continues to grow over time — a business that’s as rewarding as it is lucrative — involves something more. It requires working smart as well.

With that in mind, here are three tips that might serve as the most valuable 90 seconds you’ve spent reviewing your email inbox this year:

Tip 1: Associate with A Leader. Nothing has more impact on a real estate agent’s personal brand than the company you’re associated with. Joining RE/MAX puts the power of the world’s leading real estate company to work in your business. The resources at your disposal in every area — lead generation, marketing, conversions, you name it — are the industry’s best. Add a global referral network and unrivaled compensation structure to the mix, and it’s easy to see how being a RE/MAX agent gives you a distinct advantage.

Tip 2: Leverage Other People’s Success. Working for RE/MAX Realty Affiliates (RRA) gives you even more advantages beyond those available to every RE/MAX agent. My passion for training and team building will help you optimize the considerable tools and technologies at your disposal. Together, we’ll develop systems that build on the best practices we share internally. And free up more of your time to do what you do best.

Tip 3: Build A Team. There’s only so much you as an individual agent can do, and there are never enough hours in the day. At RRA, we’ll help you dramatically elevate your income through team building that surrounds you with people who compliment your skill sets — people who play at the things you work at. Team building isn’t easy, but done properly, it’s truly transformational. In your business, and in the quality of life you’ve dreamed of enjoying.

When you’re ready to model your business after the agents at RE/MAX Realty Affiliates — the highest-producing agents in Northern Nevada* — give me a call. It’s one of the smartest actions you can take if you’re serious about achieving a higher level of success.

*Statistics for: Class=RE, VL, CI, MF, BS, LO, FR, RT, Date Range01/01/2005-12/31/2015, Number To Report=All, Rank By=1, Filter Actives=YES, Status=SLD; As Of: 10/5/2016. Search parameters used combine northern Nevada office locations.  Major firms with 75 associates or more. Per Agent Productivity Volume = Total volume divided by total agent count (per NNRMLS Membership Roster at time of report, staff not included) Units Sold Per Agent = Total units divided by total agent count (per NNRMLS Membership Roster at time of report, staff not included) Total Agent Count = RE/MAX Realty Affiliates=104; Coldwell Banker=168; Ferrari-Lund=172; Dickson=212; Keller Williams=230; Chase=142
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