True Grit

TEDx Talks at the University of NevadaRecently, I had the pleasure of attending TEDx Talks at the University of Nevada, Reno. It’s a day filled with engaging speakers who provoke your brain, engage your heart, and leave you marveling at the power of the human spirit.

A video presented by Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, discussed “grit” as one of the biggest predictors for professional success – even bigger than talent or IQ.

I love that word: “Grit.” When I think of high-producing agents, that’s a perfect description. We’ve all seen them – agents who simply WILL NOT give up. Agents who show up every day, and put in the hours year after year. The secret to their success is not that they are smarter, faster, or wealthier. The secret is that, deep down, they have a long-term vision that they are going to see through – no matter what.

Adverse market conditions are merely seen as turbulence requiring small changes in navigation. They’re not an excuse for a crash landing. No matter what, grit will find a way to succeed. Without fail. No, a gritty person doesn’t always succeed…but they don’t see failure as a permanent condition.

Sounds good. But what if grit isn’t one of the blessings you were born with? The good news, according to Dr. Duckworth, is that your ability to learn can change with your effort. Grit isn’t a matter of DNA…it’s a function of DIY.

This doesn’t mean you succeed through some type of mania of simply “DO-ING.” To me, having grit means you have a vision for where you’re going – and you expend your effort solely on the things that will get you there. Let’s say you want to double your business this year. What are three non-negotiable things that are keys to making that happen? Spoiler alert: Two of the three are 1) prospect a lot more, and 2) manage your time better. Answer this question, and you’ll give your vision actionable clarity.

When you really want something, your gritty self rises up and digs into the non-negotiables with ease. You tap into the stamina and perseverance that trigger your inner grit – and deliver your ultimate success – when you turn your brain onto what you REALLY want in your life. Then focus your energies like a laser beam.

One of the best ways to put the power of “true grit” to work in your career is to surround yourself with like-minded people who lend ideas as freely as they lend support. People like the team of agents you’ll find at RE/MAX Realty Affiliates. Contact me when you’re ready to say “goodbye” to any excuse and “hello” to the success you’ve been imagining for yourself.

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